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About The Course
This interdisciplinary and multimedia course explores the origins, dynamics, and consequences of social media involvement/inclusion in social and civil rights movements. This course will cover the history and importance of evolving technology (astronomy, telecommunication, television, internet, etc) and its applications by disenfranchised groups from antebellum America to the present day.

Course Objective
This course plans to examine the following concepts and questions:
What constitutes a social/civil rights movement?
In what way does social communication play a part in starting, maintaining and ending a social/civil rights movements?
How does social media/social communication contribute to change?
How does the various disciplines of the humanities (art, music, theater, film, etc) contribute to the life and effectiveness of a social movement?

Course Activity/Project Plan
Course readings and lectures drawn from case studies on civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, the environment, African and African American relations, globalization, apartheid, democratization, religious and political affiliation, and peace.

Individual assignments and group projects will require students to contact and collaborate with people and organizations outside of the University of Virginia community. Using elements of social media/social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc) students will have to forge relationships and network with people beyond our immediate reach (i.e. A group presentation on Ebola may include the 3-4 students in the class, covering elements of the topic in the class, while the required remote group member may be a student in Cameroon or a doctor ‘on the ground’ in Liberia who will participate in the presentation via Skype, Facetime, Oovoo, etc).

Course Outcome
The outcome of this course will be an encouragement to the students to engage in the global community and participate in social networking and social change with purpose. This course is designed to give students a historical context for the creativity and ingenuity of all human and how we use that creativity and expression for change.

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Welcome to the "From the Drinking Gourd to #BlackTwitter: Social Communication for Social Change" Blog! This the public forum for the course, "From the Drinking Gourd to #BlackTwitter: Social Communication for Social Change." This course is designed to explore the power of social media, examine the history of social communication and participate in the social change as it is exist in the world today. While there will be exercises and projects for the students to complete privately in class, this blog will serve as the bridge between the study of theory IN the place and the essence of practice BEYOND the class. The standard hashtag for this project is #SC4SC. Feel free to participate and engage! Let's communicate for change! TDV

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